Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Im SOOOOO proud of myself....

Yesterday Tim and I celebrated 2 whole years of marriage! Yay us! We really didn't do too much since we really celebrated on Friday! LOL. But jus the same Im very of how far we have came in our marriage! Im truly blessed! Oh he did get me the sweetess card though! Tehe!

Aw the happy couple of two years and counting!!!!!

I have truly amazing myself this week!!!!! I have read two books in the matter of only a week. So not to toot my own horn or anything but....*beep*beep*ba BEEP* Lol. Who would have EVER thought I would like or even love to read! Yay me! Well promised i got my glasses this week so here's a couple of pictures! Tim says he likes me in glasses but im still unsure! (don't tell him but i still feel like a nerd in em! haha)

Oh and I have PROOF that im reading...... shocking i know! Not really! I wanted to share that picture!

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