Thursday, September 2, 2010

Big Suprise in The Millsaps House........

Ok so Im a wee bit late and far behind on keeping this Blog updated...but hopefully Im goinna start doing better. (lets hope anyway)
Where to start....welp about three days before my birthday I thought I had caught a stomach bug. Def not feeling good and felt like a transfer truck had hit me at full speed. Neatly to say I went to the doctor. Im sure you've prob guessed by now....YUP we're goinna have a sweet lil baby!!! It's very exciting for both me and tim. Trying to grasp the fact im goinna be a mom is something totally new to me! My hope is that this little bug will see how much we're goinna love him or her, and that i'll be the kind of mother i want to be for the baby and need to be. Oh i've been calling the baby bug bc i thought the poor child was a stomach bug. lol.
We are about 9 weeks along.....we had our first ultrasound done this week, so we recieved bug's first picture. Of course we had to forward a picture to everyone we knew. lol. It's an amazing feeling and mixed feelings at that to know your having a baby, but then to see you really have a lil person growing there inside of you is whole new feeling. I had realized that we were having a baby but it didn't hit me till we seen bug on the screen and to see bug's heart beating. Truely an amazing blessing and gift from God.
My goal now from here on out is to keep this updated with special little facts about bug and what's going here and the changes that our family is going to be making to prepare for bug in april.

Friday, July 2, 2010

A New Addition 2 Our Weee Family

My birthday is coming in only 28 more days....woot woot. So naturally I had been begging my sweet husband for something that I really really really stress the really wanted! What is it you may ask well.........I wanted a PUPPY. Yes a PUPPY! I begged Tim for 2 weeks, with the please can we, but Tim, and the classic "honey I really want a little bitty puppy" I had almost given up on the whole thing but one last desperate plea I was looking in the paper and found an add.." BOXER PUPPIES" hum....just what I wanted too. A boxer pup. So I took it upon myself to call the number and at least ask about em. :) She said he had 10 in the litter and out of the ten she had one solid WHITE one. Of course I hang up with her and called you guessed it TIM!!!! I was ready for a good begging speech but to my surprise Tim agreed to get one only if we could get the white one. To make this long story short that evening we met up with the kind lady and received our 6 week old handsome as can be tiny little BOXER PUPPY!

We thought of several options for a name but in the end we choose ZEUS. It's a different name but really neat that the same time! He is so spoiled rotten already. We've been told he has us wrapped around his little puppy paw which in fact may be true.

I went to good will today and got him a stuffed teddy bear that is as big as he is. It's so funny to watch him try to drag that thing around and play with it. It also has a pull rope, ball, stuffed monkey, stuffed camel, teething puppy bones, and whatever else he finds along the way. LOL. So maybe he does have us wrapped around those precious lil paws of his!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What hurts the most......

I thought my last few days at work had been hard but NOTHING compares to today!!!!

I had had a little bit better day a work today not to bad. When I got off I took the car to drop it off to get it fixed. Then I went to get my phone fixed. Not bad until I arrived home.......

Tim sat me down and said that our family pup had been hit my a car. A car that didn't even have a enough respect to stop! That piss's me off so bad! Why can't people understand the feelings or concerns for other people! I mean really! Koda was family! And losing him feels like losing a special little part of our family! Koda was our first pet as a family! Tim loved koda so much too! I've never seen a bond between a guy and his dog, like I have with Tim and Koda. I was looking at pictures and couldn't help but to just let the silent tears just fall. The tears leave tracks along your face for a short while, but the paw prints your puppy leaves on your heart last a lifetime.

I think of all the times we would go for a walk or a ride on the gator and Koda would be right there with us! He would try to out run the gator and which 90% of the time he did! He was sooooo fast! He would run along side of us jus as fast as he could. Then I think about all the kids loved him as well. Bryson would love all over him! Whitlyn calling.."dog, Dog" He would lick her toes and face if we'd let him! Haha! I think of him and zoey has babies and how'd they play together! I had NEVER since a dog and cat play together like these two did! Koda played mom dog. haha! He'd follow zoey all over the house! Or about Tim's dad Alvin, how'd he ride koda on the tractor or how koda would follow Alvin everywhere outside while he worked!!!

So dam it, Why can't other people understand that animals are part of families, part of their memories, special moments that they treasure more than anything!?!? I jus don't get it!

Koda Ryan was a beautiful, full of energy, on the go, playful, sweet, loving, kind pup!

We're all goinna miss Koda so much!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

If it ain't on thing It's another!

Here lately has been crazy at work. Like the other day I was on my way home from work and was talking to Tim on the phone, I was so stressed that I cried for like 10 mins! Stress can make you do weird things! But, that was also the day that the car got hit in the parking lot at work.
I was counting meds off and fixin to leave out the door when I found out it had happened! *poop i thought* Well anyways so neatly to say I was NOT a happy camper and neither was Tim. It was totally an accient but it still upsets you, ya know! Luck for us the little man came in and told me he done it! So that was a blessin really in it's self. Most people would have just went on. I had to get a police report and all that fun stuff. ~*Blah*~
Since I was off work today I took the car for an stament. The auto shop said that it's 674 dollars worth of damage. EKKKS But lucky us again the mans insurance is goinna pay for it, so we don't have to pay a thing! Yay on that! Lol.

Since Im off today I have cam to vist my sis Case, bro Joe, and sweet pea Connor! Connor makes the cutest little baby sounds in the world. Well besides crying. When he crys I want to cry with him! LOL. The poor little fella screams if he's getting he's diaper changed, but only if he's asleep. If he's awake it don't bother him as bad! lol. Hopefully here in a little while I'll get a good chance to take some pictures of him!!! He's a much better photo subject than he's daddy! haha! Joe HATEs to have his picture taken! lol. Oh well.

Welp that's it for now!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Road Home is NEVER too long....

When I got home from work today i discovered something amazing in our front yard right beside the steps to the front door......what is it you may ask?!? Well....even if you were asking Im still goinna tell ya, so there! haha well.......

It was on of the most prudyest flowers I have seen. It's like a purple kinda color. Momma said that it's called an Iris. Well neatly to say I was impressed considering I didn't even know I had an "Iris" plant there in the first place. lol. Theirs 3 blooms out there right now, naturally you know I had to take a picture of them. So, that I did. I'm very pleased with my prudy little flowers. I think I'll baby em too. After my dismay with the flower thing I left to go to my nephew Bryson's baseball game. He's sooooo cute wearing his little baseball uniform. And bless his heart I was taking some pictures of him in out field and busted him on camera wide open diggin a wedgie out. Bahaha It was so funny and you can't help but laugh. But I think that's what makes precious moments and memories, all the funny things! Other than that he did a great job. He's going to be even more amazing when ever he gets bigger I just know it!
When I was leaving to walk down to meet up with Momma Mary to ride to the ball field I turned to looked back behind me and it stuck me, odd that the welcome sign to Lowrys is right at our driveway. An for some odd reason it made me think of that saying the road home is never too long. Come to think of it.....I always think about that when i'm driving back home from along trip some wheres. It don't matter how long the drive is or how long it takes, just as long as Im home at the end. You know home is a safe place, a personal place, and a place of love! Anyways just one of those random A.D.D moments that tend to strike me at odd moments.
Hummmm let's see what else....Ooooo I bought the girls (Zoey and Abby) a compressed cat nip ball. bahaha I know you have to be thinkin what the heck?! Well it's like a big ball of weed for cats! This is the ONLY ball I have EVER seen Zoey play with. I mean our big fat momma kitty will roll on the floor and bat at this thing! It's kinda funny! Abby wont play with it as much as Zoey does. Abby would rather jump up into a spin around chair and be span around and around and get dizzy than play with the ball. I know our baby cat must be half retarded or something. But really so LOVES to spin around on chairs. She'll even jump up in the chair and meow until you spin it for her. An once again YES I have pictures. Of course you can't really get the whole aspect of it unless you were sitting there watching it or watching a video....That's it maybe I should video it. I don't really think most people would believe a CAT loves to be spun in a spinnie chair! lol

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Not much to say....

So I have to say Im pretty pleased to say.......NAH NAH A BOO BOO........My sister found out yesterday that she is havin another BOY!!!!! Which makes me happy! haha I was hoping for her to have another boy. The babies will be close in age so......I think it would be easier for two lil boys!!!! I was the only one in our family who thought it might me a boy this time too...So...yay me I was RIGHT!!!! *insert happy dance here if you please*

Other than that lil tid bit, there's nothing really else new or interesting to tell. Work is work as usually and Tim and I are doing about the same. Jus peachy!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Catching Up...'s been forever and a day since I have even signed on to here! I feel terrible bc this blog was and is suppose to be about our story! (tim and i) An I have failed to pick it updated the way I thought I would and would like too. So please help me pray that I can make time for myself to update this and keep our story going.....

Well I see march was my last entry so i have a lot to catch you up on.......First of all..Im a Med. Tech at my job now. Some days are wonderful and breeze by with no worries! Other days I stop and think to myself ....WHAT WAS I THINKIN?!?!?! But I try to remember and some times and days are hard than most but, If GOD brings you to it then HE will bring you through it!!!! Takin on Med Tech add's 10 thousand more responsibilities, but I do love what I do. An in the end everything is worth while! Some of my residents now say " here comes my medicine girl" which is funny but cute at the same time!

Humm.....what's next.....OHHHHHH my sister Casey. (well not sisters birth but sisters my heart) Had her baby!!! CONNOR BRYANT!!!! So im a proud auntie once again. He's a handsome lil fella! He came in to the world on March 16th weighing 7 lbs 11 oz. Tim and I were both blessed to be at the hospital with all the family and loved ones!!!! Connor is def. goinna be a spoiled lil man! I even picked him up a bib today! I couldn't help myself...Tehe! Hey, what are aunties for huh?!

Tomorrow my sister Jamie will go to the doctor to find out what her's and Jeff's new lil addition will be....Im excited to find out! (im secertly hoping for another boy for em!) Shh....don't tell my mom she wants a girl! lol. Jabin is goinna be such a good big brother! Them being close in age, I believe they'll have a special close bond between them! I hope so anyways!

Things around our neck of the woods seem to be moving at such a fast pace it seems even hard for me to keep up some times! But Im goinna make it my mission to try to a least get updates posted every other day or so. Not only for those who wonder but for myself as well..... This is a good thing for me, I like telling about ourselfs and keeping loved ones and friends in the loop. So look out b/c more post are in the forecast............LOL