Thursday, May 6, 2010

If it ain't on thing It's another!

Here lately has been crazy at work. Like the other day I was on my way home from work and was talking to Tim on the phone, I was so stressed that I cried for like 10 mins! Stress can make you do weird things! But, that was also the day that the car got hit in the parking lot at work.
I was counting meds off and fixin to leave out the door when I found out it had happened! *poop i thought* Well anyways so neatly to say I was NOT a happy camper and neither was Tim. It was totally an accient but it still upsets you, ya know! Luck for us the little man came in and told me he done it! So that was a blessin really in it's self. Most people would have just went on. I had to get a police report and all that fun stuff. ~*Blah*~
Since I was off work today I took the car for an stament. The auto shop said that it's 674 dollars worth of damage. EKKKS But lucky us again the mans insurance is goinna pay for it, so we don't have to pay a thing! Yay on that! Lol.

Since Im off today I have cam to vist my sis Case, bro Joe, and sweet pea Connor! Connor makes the cutest little baby sounds in the world. Well besides crying. When he crys I want to cry with him! LOL. The poor little fella screams if he's getting he's diaper changed, but only if he's asleep. If he's awake it don't bother him as bad! lol. Hopefully here in a little while I'll get a good chance to take some pictures of him!!! He's a much better photo subject than he's daddy! haha! Joe HATEs to have his picture taken! lol. Oh well.

Welp that's it for now!

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