Friday, July 2, 2010

A New Addition 2 Our Weee Family

My birthday is coming in only 28 more days....woot woot. So naturally I had been begging my sweet husband for something that I really really really stress the really wanted! What is it you may ask well.........I wanted a PUPPY. Yes a PUPPY! I begged Tim for 2 weeks, with the please can we, but Tim, and the classic "honey I really want a little bitty puppy" I had almost given up on the whole thing but one last desperate plea I was looking in the paper and found an add.." BOXER PUPPIES" hum....just what I wanted too. A boxer pup. So I took it upon myself to call the number and at least ask about em. :) She said he had 10 in the litter and out of the ten she had one solid WHITE one. Of course I hang up with her and called you guessed it TIM!!!! I was ready for a good begging speech but to my surprise Tim agreed to get one only if we could get the white one. To make this long story short that evening we met up with the kind lady and received our 6 week old handsome as can be tiny little BOXER PUPPY!

We thought of several options for a name but in the end we choose ZEUS. It's a different name but really neat that the same time! He is so spoiled rotten already. We've been told he has us wrapped around his little puppy paw which in fact may be true.

I went to good will today and got him a stuffed teddy bear that is as big as he is. It's so funny to watch him try to drag that thing around and play with it. It also has a pull rope, ball, stuffed monkey, stuffed camel, teething puppy bones, and whatever else he finds along the way. LOL. So maybe he does have us wrapped around those precious lil paws of his!