Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Road Home is NEVER too long....

When I got home from work today i discovered something amazing in our front yard right beside the steps to the front door......what is it you may ask?!? Well....even if you were asking Im still goinna tell ya, so there! haha well.......

It was on of the most prudyest flowers I have seen. It's like a purple kinda color. Momma said that it's called an Iris. Well neatly to say I was impressed considering I didn't even know I had an "Iris" plant there in the first place. lol. Theirs 3 blooms out there right now, naturally you know I had to take a picture of them. So, that I did. I'm very pleased with my prudy little flowers. I think I'll baby em too. After my dismay with the flower thing I left to go to my nephew Bryson's baseball game. He's sooooo cute wearing his little baseball uniform. And bless his heart I was taking some pictures of him in out field and busted him on camera wide open diggin a wedgie out. Bahaha It was so funny and you can't help but laugh. But I think that's what makes precious moments and memories, all the funny things! Other than that he did a great job. He's going to be even more amazing when ever he gets bigger I just know it!
When I was leaving to walk down to meet up with Momma Mary to ride to the ball field I turned to looked back behind me and it stuck me, odd that the welcome sign to Lowrys is right at our driveway. An for some odd reason it made me think of that saying the road home is never too long. Come to think of it.....I always think about that when i'm driving back home from along trip some wheres. It don't matter how long the drive is or how long it takes, just as long as Im home at the end. You know home is a safe place, a personal place, and a place of love! Anyways just one of those random A.D.D moments that tend to strike me at odd moments.
Hummmm let's see what else....Ooooo I bought the girls (Zoey and Abby) a compressed cat nip ball. bahaha I know you have to be thinkin what the heck?! Well it's like a big ball of weed for cats! This is the ONLY ball I have EVER seen Zoey play with. I mean our big fat momma kitty will roll on the floor and bat at this thing! It's kinda funny! Abby wont play with it as much as Zoey does. Abby would rather jump up into a spin around chair and be span around and around and get dizzy than play with the ball. I know our baby cat must be half retarded or something. But really so LOVES to spin around on chairs. She'll even jump up in the chair and meow until you spin it for her. An once again YES I have pictures. Of course you can't really get the whole aspect of it unless you were sitting there watching it or watching a video....That's it maybe I should video it. I don't really think most people would believe a CAT loves to be spun in a spinnie chair! lol

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