Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What hurts the most......

I thought my last few days at work had been hard but NOTHING compares to today!!!!

I had had a little bit better day a work today not to bad. When I got off I took the car to drop it off to get it fixed. Then I went to get my phone fixed. Not bad until I arrived home.......

Tim sat me down and said that our family pup had been hit my a car. A car that didn't even have a enough respect to stop! That piss's me off so bad! Why can't people understand the feelings or concerns for other people! I mean really! Koda was family! And losing him feels like losing a special little part of our family! Koda was our first pet as a family! Tim loved koda so much too! I've never seen a bond between a guy and his dog, like I have with Tim and Koda. I was looking at pictures and couldn't help but to just let the silent tears just fall. The tears leave tracks along your face for a short while, but the paw prints your puppy leaves on your heart last a lifetime.

I think of all the times we would go for a walk or a ride on the gator and Koda would be right there with us! He would try to out run the gator and which 90% of the time he did! He was sooooo fast! He would run along side of us jus as fast as he could. Then I think about all the kids loved him as well. Bryson would love all over him! Whitlyn calling.."dog, Dog" He would lick her toes and face if we'd let him! Haha! I think of him and zoey has babies and how'd they play together! I had NEVER since a dog and cat play together like these two did! Koda played mom dog. haha! He'd follow zoey all over the house! Or about Tim's dad Alvin, how'd he ride koda on the tractor or how koda would follow Alvin everywhere outside while he worked!!!

So dam it, Why can't other people understand that animals are part of families, part of their memories, special moments that they treasure more than anything!?!? I jus don't get it!

Koda Ryan was a beautiful, full of energy, on the go, playful, sweet, loving, kind pup!

We're all goinna miss Koda so much!!!

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