Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A usual day until.....the fork comes out!!!!!

So like any other day I figured yesterday was going to be as normal as they come......bahaha...once agian was I wrong! I got up and got ready for what I thought was going to be goin into work at 9 and shadowing know when your new at a job you got a couple of day of just straight following someone around and learning the job. Welp no sooner had I got there they told me someone had called out and they needed me for 2nd shift. So no big deal right?!!? *oh snap, wait* She meant on my own!!! Oh well.

So I got back to work at 3 and went on to the Alzheimer's unit, can I just say WOW now?! Anyways boy o boy did they keep me on my feet! Chasing this one over here then running back and chasing one in a totally different direction! LOL.

With in my first 2 hours of my shift one little lady got away from me and pulled the cotton pick FIRE this wasn't too too bad considering there's a special cover that alarms just to let me know someone is messing with it! haha..

Then lets see oh yes one lady told me she was going to knock my head off...(lol) I told her "you don't want to do that you'll make me cry!!!" Her reply " I don't care " Someones nothing in my job ever seems to surprised me any more! I meant really you work with elderly people for 4 years and you just learn that somethings are jus goinna happen or be said.

Now with saying that, one thing did however SURPRISED the dickens out of me last night. Some people are VERY pickie on who touches their walker. little lady was walking around just checking everything out. She made it over to a table where a group of VERY pickie ladies where sitting! She happened to touch a walker that did not belong to her....neatly to say lady who walker belonged to....STABED lady who walker did not belong to with a FORK! Now i can say in my 4 years of work I have never seen any be stabed with a fork! *note* that stabed lady was fine and only a small tiny tiny spot showed a little blood! :)

You know the unit I worked on tonight really made me think back on to how blessed and thankful I am to have another day with my husband and family! A day that I can remember a couple of days from now! I guess that's one good thing about this blog for when I do start forgetting I'll always have something to go back to, to remember!

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