Monday, February 8, 2010

today was.....grrrrrrr......jus well.....GRRRR DANG IT!!!!!

You ever jus had one of em days when you jus want to crawl right back in bed and try to wake up and just do it ALL over again!?!
Well today was def one of those stinkin days! First I went for glasses.....which doesn't make me happy in the first place considering I feel like I look like a nerd and a little ugly duckling when I HAVE to wear! (which by the way I have no choice!!!! the eye doctor said ALL the time!!! Is when i have to wear em now!!!!!) Not 2 mention that the eye doctor said my eyes are really funky! I can't see close up with one eye and can't see far off with the other! And to beat it all my eyes don't adjust to light well so...I have to have a special some kind of lens coating put on em! ~BLAH~BLAH~BLAH~
Then what I thought was goin to be the price of my glasses totally got threw for a loop bc of the cotton pickin "special" coating they have to put on em!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Double grrr! So what should have been 69.95 for two pairs of glasses turn into 218.18?! What the heck? right?!?!

Anyways I guess this is jus me being on my soap box preachin to myself! LOL!

Other than that my head is hurting! I guess cuz I been so upset 2day! Plus I miss some of my family! Boy Im jus a reg. lil basket case today huh?! Welp I can only go 2 bed now with the high hope of 2marrow being a much better day! (i'll post pictures of my new *tear* glasses when i get them in "the next 10 days buiz days!" lol)

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