Sunday, February 21, 2010

Im so late........(on posting)

So I haven't been able to post lately! One bc work seems to taking a great effect into my life right now. Grant it though I do really enjoy my job though, so that's a plus. And 2nd any spare time I've had, I have had my little nose stuck in my new book series im reading! LOL. I have started reading the Twilight saga....i know what you think "oh my, are you serious?!"
Well i am and i really enjoy reading. It's weird that i say that bc i use to NEVER read.....I thought it was boring and a waste of time....but now, now i find it very enjoyable and very relaxing! Strange as it may seem that's it though.
Well, for a recent update in our unfolding story well call life. Mine and Tim's 2 yr aniv. seems to fastly be appocring.....(tuesday the 23rd) I can not believe how fast the time as flew by. It seems just like yesterday we were finishing wedding plans and excitedly awaiting our wedding day! But true as it may be 2 yrs has came and gone. I would change one single sec of my life with my husband! I love him more then ever and couldn't possibly imagine my life any other way! Im bless to no end with the love and support of a wonderful husband!

I though i was working this tuesday but what a bless that it turned to where im off so i get to send the day with my hubby! ;) But anyways moving on since i thought i would be working we went out friday and spent the WHOLE day together! What a teat huh?!! Considering that since i've been working i see him on a hit and miss bases! Grrr! We went to eat at Olive Garden, yummy, (thanks to mrs june and mr gary they gave us a gift card to there) and then we went to books a million were my sweet hubby got me the 2nd book NEW MOON....which is great i can't put it down! We also got coffee in Books a Million. It was Joe Muggs. Which if you have never got coffee there.....i HIGHLY suggest it! What i got was WONDERFULLY yummy! LOL. By that time it was only like 2 something so we walked around the craft store right next door! Then we went to see the movie "The Book of ELI" that was a very AWESOME movie. (how ever not suggested for youngsers!!!) then we haha went to walmart to buy food for the house! LOL. AHHHHHHH the life of a married couple! ;) But i wouldn't change any of our small yet priceless moments together!

haha rotfl........and this is way our crazy moments keeps our love alive and new!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was my yummy tasty wonderful treat that i got!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hummmmmmmmmmmm

All in all everythings has been going great for the millsaps!

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