Sunday, February 14, 2010

HAPPY V~DAY!!!!!!!!!!

So first of all..............


My sweet little hubby surprised me with 2 pink roses for two years!!!! (pinks my fav color!) and some yummy tasty Chocolate!!!! hummmm.....and a sweet card! An in case your wondering if i got him anything........well duh of course I did! haha

First I up and cooked him his fav breakfast ( grits and eggs *yuck* lol) anyways then I lighted some candles and spread little heart shaped candy out all of the table! I also made him a scrapbook of all pictures of us. Then the kittys an koda added pictures of themselves! lol. haha!

Here's a picture of the table........

And this is what he wrote of the front of my card bless it!!!! And then of course my prudy pink roses! Which I also took some pictures of our rings in the roses! Jus some pic fun!

So really we just chilled most of the day and took the day easy which is really nice since we're usually both working! lol

But for supper momma mary & pops alvin cooked all of us kids and grandkids steak and twiced baked taters! hummmm it was so good!!!!! I stuffed myself like a little piggy! lol. But what was the best was watching the everybody take turns play the wii! haha JUST DANCE!!!!
You can't help but laugh uncontrollably watchin everyone try dancing! We even got my brother in law paul to dance! haha! so that pretty much sum's up the great part of our valentines day!
Oh and I must say a special that you to my best friend/ sister casey!!!!!!!! Yesterday I totally forgot to check our mail so....I did today! And in the mail I got the sweet card and gift for valentines day! Casey you totally made my whole day! Your truly the only friend I can count on and trust!!!! God has truly blessed me with you and our special sisterhood!!!!

So since i totally you about my valentines day i must include the telling about our BIG snow day yesterday! Which really started Friday night!!!! I was working Friday when all the snow started which by the way was _______ trying to come home in!!!!! What normally takes me about 25 mins to come home took an hour and fifteen mins. Yup it TOTALLY sucked!!! I had never been so thankful to be home in my intire LIFE! lol. So all in all we really got alot of snow! So moving on.....Saturday morning Tim and I got up and we went out and played in the snow with the girls, charlene and paul! Which was a blast......I felt like such a little kid myself! I believe your never to old to play in the snow! So after about 2 hours of straight playin in the snow we come in! Only for me to get a phone call from a VERY sweet little nephew! "But i want you 2 come play with me" lol. Well of course I couldn't turn down an offer to go play in the snow with the boys and ride 4 wheelers and play in the hot tub!!!! I love my life as a auntie! Plus their still young enough right now to think their auntie is "COOL" haha LOL! Tim and I are really blessed with awesome nieces and nephews!!! They really are great kids!
welp i think that about wraps it up and the fact that it's 11:15 and im sleepy! lol
I hope everyone had a blessed and happy valentines day!

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