Monday, March 8, 2010

Work Work Work

So here lately I've been workin workin. So there really isn't to much to tell about. Although i should tell you about our nephew Bryson's new pet bunny! He's name is Charlie and its the cutest most precious little thing i have ever seen!!!! Bryson takes good care of his bunny too! So tim and i went to go see "Charlie" yesterday! Well Bryson decided he wanted Aunt Steph to play with him. HAHAHA First he "tried" to teach me how to play with action figures! You know beating the other one up and what not. hahaha.....Bry said ummmm you can't play this good. haha. I guess one could only guess that I've not have much xp. playing with boys toys! So we decide to play with nerf guns instead. Now that i do know how to play with! Bry and I went upstairs and loaded he guns and unloaded on tim and cormick! (they we're playing a video game) So naturally that started an all out WAR!!!! haha. When we were loading the guns bry said "they ain't even goinna know what hit em are they" Bless it. He was so proud of himself. So after lots of shooting back and forth it was supper time!

We were all sitting at the table eating and bry for some reason decided to get up under the table. Well i didn't think anything about it really! But.....Tim was in the middle of telling us something & then all the sudden he had the oddest look on his face.....and Bry said VERY proudly " I shot TIMOTHY in the weewee!" So how could you NOT start laughing?!? Jus luckly it didn't hurt tim but it was still funny either way! LOL.

The boys are coming Friday night to spend the night with Tim and I so im sure that should be interesting in itself! I can't wait to see what all we'll unfold!!!! (i'll have one heck of a story then im sure!)

Ok so this is CHARLIE ain't he cute?!?! I jus fell in love with the little floppy eared bunny! And then of course Bryson with Charlie! Don't he jus look proud of his bunny?!?!

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