Thursday, September 2, 2010

Big Suprise in The Millsaps House........

Ok so Im a wee bit late and far behind on keeping this Blog updated...but hopefully Im goinna start doing better. (lets hope anyway)
Where to start....welp about three days before my birthday I thought I had caught a stomach bug. Def not feeling good and felt like a transfer truck had hit me at full speed. Neatly to say I went to the doctor. Im sure you've prob guessed by now....YUP we're goinna have a sweet lil baby!!! It's very exciting for both me and tim. Trying to grasp the fact im goinna be a mom is something totally new to me! My hope is that this little bug will see how much we're goinna love him or her, and that i'll be the kind of mother i want to be for the baby and need to be. Oh i've been calling the baby bug bc i thought the poor child was a stomach bug. lol.
We are about 9 weeks along.....we had our first ultrasound done this week, so we recieved bug's first picture. Of course we had to forward a picture to everyone we knew. lol. It's an amazing feeling and mixed feelings at that to know your having a baby, but then to see you really have a lil person growing there inside of you is whole new feeling. I had realized that we were having a baby but it didn't hit me till we seen bug on the screen and to see bug's heart beating. Truely an amazing blessing and gift from God.
My goal now from here on out is to keep this updated with special little facts about bug and what's going here and the changes that our family is going to be making to prepare for bug in april.