Thursday, January 28, 2010

What a start to the morning.....haha

So this morning started out like always.....up at 8 a.m, cooked Tim eggs and grits! He was to have this for breakfest EVERY morning!!! Atfer fixing that for him I decide I had some time to sit with him before getting ready for work! So I sat down on the couch beside him. Well for some unknown reason he decided to pinch me with ol monkey toes! *GAH* Why must Iask, why?!? He kept on, so naturally I got aggravated and with my angery voice I said loudly "STOP" Tim in his sweet little trying to get out of trouble sweet voice said, "Baby, baby, look at me!" My reply as I turned my head in his direction "What?!" (and I do quote) He said "Baby I love you like the color red loves apples!" haha Where that came from I will never know! But it sure did turn my frawn upside down and make me giggle like a little school girl at her first crush!

If you thought that was funny, (which I did) Jus wait till you read about the rest of our morning!

Well.....o boy o boy! So after making Tim breakfest I decided to make my favrite muffins to take with me to work for later on! I had em mixed up and in the pan, then stuck into the oven! Not bad right?! Well....I heard the timer buzzing in the middle of me trying to apply my face! So I hollard and asked Tim to pull em out for me! Welp the next thing I heard was ~* BEEP*~ oh gahhhhhh STEPHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I ran into the kitchen only to find my poor husband with oven mit on one hand and the other flying around! Some how when he was pulling the pan out it tipped and fell on to the oven door! Now I can't say much because Im as graceful as a duck on ice, but anyhow moving on. As Tim was attempting to retrive the muffins that had feel to the bottom of the oven. The mit must have brushed up against the eye and well neatly to say the oven mit was on FIRE!!!! haha, Bless it! But wait, I forgot to add that in the mist of the oven mit there where TWO muffins a blaze along with the oven mit! Haha o boy! So neatly to say I did not get my muffins this morning!

So after all that this morning I made it on to work. Which I had a good day! Im really enjoying the people and the residents! Just trying to get use to have things are done and when and what not! You know the tipical new job stuff! Yesterday I was introducing myself to a resident and told her that I was stephanie and I was new here! You know what she told me......Well your new and I'm old! LOL. Bless it! Let's see....Oh yeah I also was learning new residents today as well. I told a lady I was new and going to be working there.....she said " well sweetie your a beautiful new addition & we're glad to have you!" Wasn't that sweet?! Bless it! It made me feel very special!